A whole Twenty Four hours of Happy with Pharrell Williams

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For those who think they’d love to watch their favorite video over and over, now comes one that will literally last you through the night.

2013 has been an extremely busy and interesting year for Pharrell Williams to the say the least, and he’s decided why not end it with a bang, or more specifically, by making the world’s first 24 hour-long music video. Yes, this video lasts for twenty four straight hours.

Happy is actually a four minute long song that is looped about 360 times over a 24 hour period. Williams created the site 24hoursofhappy.com from which viewers can go navigate to various points within the 24 hour timeframe. This 24 hour musical extravaganza is packed with people dancing, clapping, miming and also includes numerous cameo appearances by many recognizable faces such as Magic Johnson, Kelly Osbourne, Steve Carrell  and Jamie Foxx to name a few. There are even a few of the minions from Despicable Me 2, for which the song was written and performed.

It is the first of its kind and the longest music video ever made, but also part of a trend in which music videos seem to have raised the bar interactively and content wise. Williams, never one to shy away from innovative ideas has certainly been the first to create a music video that is so ambitious and so… long.



You can watch the 24 hours of happy by Pharell by clicking right here.

While most people may not last throughout an entire viewing in one shot, it’s at least an interesting and entertaining idea to approach even in chopped up increments.  Williams himself can be spotted 24 times on the hour.

This has marked a banner year for the songwriter, rapper, producer and fashion designer; From being involved with both Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines and Daft Punk’s Get Lucky and getting married, we can’t wait t see what the mogul will have to show us next.


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